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30 November 2019

The 8th AIDP Symposium for Young Penalists will be held in Maastricht in June 2020. The call for paper will be published soon.

16 November 2019

During the XX World Congress of Rome a new Young Penalists Committee was appointed.

11-12 November 2019

The 7th AIDP Symposium for Young Penalists was held in Rome.

5 May 2019

The proceedings of the 5th AIDP Symposium for Young Penalists have been published in a dedicated issue of the International Review of Penal law

The Association Internationale de Droit Pénal (A.I.D.P.) / International Association of Penal Law  (I.A.P.L.) was founded in Paris on March 14, 1924, it is worldwide the oldest association of specialists in penal law and one of the oldest scientific associations. Since 1924 the I.A.P.L. acquired in its field of action a particular status among the other organizations, scientists, experts and governmental and professional authorities. This field of actions covers: 1) Criminal policy and codification of penal law. 2) Comparative criminal law. 3) International criminal law (with a specialization in international criminal justice) and 4) Human rights in the administration of criminal justice.

Within the framework of the Association, the Young Penalists and the Young Penalists Committee strive to be a valuable, modern and international platform that assists young scholars and practitioners in developing their academic and professional careers. The Young Penalists group was founded in 1999, during the XVI International Congress of Budapest, as a result of the particular interest shown by young academics and practitioners in the activities of the Association. Therefore, special rules aimed to ensure autonomy and favorable conditions of affiliation were introduced in the By-Laws of the Association in order to foster a direct involvement of members who are under the age of 35.

Pictures of the V and the VII AIDP Symposia for Young Penalists