VIII AIDP Symposium for Young Penalists - Online, 10-11 June 2021

“Contemporary Challenges and Alternatives to International Criminal Justice”

Despite the development of international criminal justice over the past seven decades, challenges and critiques remain unresolved or have subsequently emerged, particularly in the context of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Key issues include amnesties, immunities, controversial acquittals, non- cooperation, interpretative fragmentation, and cultural clashes. Criticism emerged as a reaction to the perception of impunity and the system’s underachievement. It is important to reflect on the extent to which such challenges are inherent to the system and whether they can be overcome. What is the state of international criminal justice today? What impact have these challenges had on the system’s integrity, currency, and credibility?

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Young academics from fifteen different countries, selected through a call for papers, will discuss these issues during five panels moderated by experts in the field of International Criminal Law.

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The Eighth International AIDP Symposium for Young Penalists is hosted by the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University (UM). It is organized by Renata Barbosa, Craig Eggett, Dr. Francesco Mazzacuva, Dr. Megumi Ochi, Dr. Miren Odriozola, in collaboration with UM and Young Penalists Committee of the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP).

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