XI AIDP Symposium for Young Penalists - Kyoto, 14-15 September 2023

“Victim-Centered Criminal Justice”

The Eleventh International AIDP Symposium for Young Penalists will be held on the topic “Victim-Centered Criminal Justice”. The Symposium is sponsored by the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP) and is organized by the AIDP Young Penalists Committee (YPC). The scientific committee of the Symposium is composed of OCHI Megumi, Renata BARBOSA, Francisco FIGUEROA and BAI Luyuan. The main purpose of this Symposium series is to form a community of young criminal law scholars from around the world and to produce research presentations.

We invite submissions discussing victim-centered approaches in (both domestic and international) criminal law. The purpose of this symposium is to shed light on the following points without affecting other related questions.

Part 1: Theoretical Issues: Criminal Justice Teleology, Retributive and Restorative Concepts of Justice, Confronting the Presumption of Innocence

Part 2: Investigative Phase: Preventing Re-traumatization (with a Special Focus on Sexual Abuse or Trafficking Victims), International Cooperation in War Crimes Investigations, Open-source Intelligence in Criminal Investigations (OSINT)

Part 3: Trial Phase: Effectiveness of Safeguards and Effective Use of Digital Technologies (Accepting Depositions, Remote Participation) During Court Hearings

Part 4: Victim Reparations: A Transformative Approach to Determining Redress, Reparations for Core Crime

These issues not only emphasize their relevance to international criminal law but can also be approached from a comparative and internationalist perspective.

Ph.D. candidates, postdoctoral researchers, early career researchers, and professionals are invited to submit abstracts (length: maximum 500 words) on these and related questions with your contact and affiliation information, and a short resume (CV) (maximum 1 page) on the same file. Abstracts must be in English, provided in Word (or PDF, if necessary) and submitted via email to ypc@youngpenalists.com by 30 April 2023.

download the full text of the call for papers

The 11th International AIDP Young Penalist Symposium will be held in person in Kyoto, Japan, and may be livestreamed. Participation in the symposium is free. The speaker's travel expenses will be partly covered by the organizer. The proceedings will be published as a volume of RIDP Libri series.